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How IntroSend works

IntroSend helps members of a community meet each other.

Every week, community members get matched up with another member through an email introduction.

As a community member


Join a community by invite

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Fill out a few details about yourself

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Meet other community members via email introduction

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As a community builder


Create a community with a few profile questions

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Invite others to join your community

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Sit back and let community members get to know each other

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Members from Communities are Loving IntroSend

10X your career with this super easy tool
"IntroSend is super-easy! I love the fact I meet like-minded people, people like myself to expand my network. I also got a client from a 1:1 with IntroSend."
- Katherine, Personal Fitness Accountability Coach
Make lifelong friends
"IntroSend is super easy, removes a lot of barriers to building a powerful network. It is fast and easy. Kudos to you!"
- Sarah Guerrero, Blogger & Marketing Strategist
Build relationships with like-minded members
"It's a really great platform to facilitate 1:1 conversations with members of a similar community. Facebook, Slack, or Discord communities do not work anymore. I love that it automates community building."
- Andrew, Personal Branding Community Creator
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