Why your community members need to meet each other

May 07, 2022
Why your community members need to meet each other image

For a community creator, building a stronger community generates greater rewards than building a large audience. A stronger brand network helps you strengthen your community. Your community members need to meet each other to create a strong and effective community. Some common ways to engage your audience include hosting a weekly live zoom session or running a Facebook or Slack group.

However, there are a lot of limitations with both options. When running a group, it takes a lot of time and effort to engage and moderate your community. Fostering inviting conversations and preventing spam and abuse can be a full-time job on its own. For the weekly zoom session format, interactions usually happen in a one-to-many format with a lot of community members feeling unheard.

Creating engagement within your community is challenging. Based on research conducted by the IntroSend team, less than 1.5% of a newsletter audience interacts directly with the writer. With such a low level of interaction between the newsletter writers and their readers, and virtually no interaction between readers, there’s a lot of untapped potential for groups of people with shared interests to engage with one another.

“Community is a big responsibility. We stay in touch with each other through a slack community. However, we invest a lot of time to make sure the community is engaged. With Facebook and slack groups, the problem is that there are members who are ready to be engaged, but a creator lacks enough resources to keep everyone engaged. One-to-many become difficult for engagement.” ~ Vidya, The Curious Bunch

Here are three reasons why your virtual community members need to meet each other regularly:

Your community needs re-kindling of its members

As community managers, we understand community is a big responsibility. It currently involves managing a Facebook or Slack group and checking in on discussions daily. You need to invest a lot of time to make sure the community is engaged.

Your community also feels that it is not really holding up. You feel there is a slight disconnect, and your engagement is falling by the week. We understand, managing your creative work and your community is difficult.

With IntroSend, you get an automated community where it does not require you to stay on top of everything at all times. Your community needs to be your highest priority. A community with a subscription model, where people pay per month and would want to come together, connect with each other, and discuss your community topics. And one that still allows you to take a much-deserved break when you so choose.

your community needs re-kindling of its members

You need loyal lifelong customers

With this online world, you most likely do not get to meet your customers face to face. Your customers will only buy from you when they trust you. Yes, you certainly do have a loyal audience base. But, it is far easier to nurture loyalty from an existing audience than to find a new loyal audience.

With IntroSend and your community members interacting with each other, your members become loyal. They feel connected. They feel seen. And heard. And when your audience becomes emotionally attached, they become lifelong customers. They will root for you. And cheer for you. For life.

You care about your audience and your tribe

We get it! You are an emotional person and care about every member of your community. And you would like to help every member of your community,

However, you are only one person. You can only do so much. Maybe creating content is helpful, but it does not give your audience that personal touch.

A community is best supported by your audience helping each other. IntroSend helps you automate your audience interacting and meeting each other. And of course, helping each other and the community.


Community-led growth is bigger and more impactful than product-led growth. Companies that create a massive community for their category and facilitate connections will win hearts, minds, and market share.

Community is a catalyst for growth. Hubspot, Salesforce, Roblox, Minecraft, are all realizing the true potential of communities in their target user group.

IntroSend lets you build an impactful community with minimal effort. Automate professional networking, create heart-to-heart connections, and grow weekly engagement without you having to be in the conversation. That’s powerful.