IntroSend Story and its Vision

May 07, 2022
IntroSend Story and its Vision image

The IntroSend story helps connect community members one-to-one with each other. Every week, you introduce your community members automatically with another member through an email introduction. IntroSend helps you increase your community engagement through personal and professional networking.

The IntroSend Story:

Who created IntroSend?

  • IntroSend started with Marcel, looking for ways to connect with people who were going to music festivals. Since no other tool allowed Marcel to build relationships beforehand, he built IntroSend to cater to this specific need. Rishab connected with Marcel and loved the concept. He was an early user of the product and started using IntroSend through the #jesspicks community where he made some wonderful connections. He joined hands with Marcel and they haven’t looked back since.

Where are the founders from?

  • Marcel lives in Ohio, USA and Rishab lives in Hyderabad, India. Yes, poles apart, yet creating a long-lasting relationship with building IntroSend together. A fun fact: They have not met in real life and are building this company virtually!
IntroSend story and vision
Marcel and Rishab connecting 1:1 for IntroSend

Why did they create IntroSend?

  • Rishab was running his own community and was finding it difficult to connect with his audience. For that reason, he felt the importance of his audience members connecting with each other. While using Substack, the only resort was to go for comments. Sensing a bad engagement, he was on the lookout for a community engagement tool. As soon as he started using IntroSend during the beta phase, he instantly fell in love with the platform. He reached out to the founder — Marcel — and they both joined hands to take IntroSend to all the communities.

What’s the vision for the IntroSend story?

  • With IntroSend being a bootstrapped company, both the founders are looking to help community creators and managers win with communities. A community plays an important role in developing human and social relationships. A community’s audience tends to be a group of like-minded people who can learn a lot from each other. Build organic relationships with community members that have a common interest. The goal at IntroSend is to create stronger human bonds and networks in a virtual world.

“We are also looking to expand our scope to B2B businesses. We sense that teams in offices, especially after the pandemic, lack networking, and human connection. Most of the conversation is limited to your role and your team. We would like to introduce you to people you’ve never met, who can skyrocket your professional and personal career – Marcel, Co-founder at IntroSend”

Conclusion: Become an introducer to build a stronger brand

All things considered, when you introduce two people, who help each other, you become an angel. Imagine hundreds or thousands of your introductions between your members every week!

You will create a stronger, loyal audience and community for life. The relationship between your community members becomes extremely personal.