How your community can benefit from IntroSend

May 07, 2022
How your community can benefit from IntroSend image

Your community can benefit from IntroSend with automated community engagement. IntroSend connects your community members one-to-one with each other. Every week, your community members automatically get matched up with another member through an email introduction. IntroSend helps you increase your community engagement through personal and professional networking.

Who can run IntroSend?


Finally, a tool for creators to allow their audience to interact with each other. This helps you create a stronger brand and earn more income.


Businesses are now community-driven. Help your members and customers nurture a private relationship with each other, increasing the value of being a member of your community.


Nurture virtual teams with real human connections, so they work from their soul. This will help you instill a sense of loyal belonging and purpose with your company and its values.

Here are 6 ways your community can benefit from IntroSend!

Your community can benefit with automated 1:1 connection scheduler

Introduce your community members to each other automatically. Get your members introduced to other members with the same interests and similar journey.

Your community can benefit from IntroSend with 1:1 introductions
IntroSend automatically connects members with each other every week!

Personalize your community

IntroSend allows you to draft a questionnaire that lets users share relevant information about themselves. This can help personalize introductions for your community. For example, if you run a community about freelancing, your questionnaire could ask about what type of freelancing they do, and what they might need help with.

Strengthen community relationships

The strength of your business lies in the strength of your community. When your community members start helping each other, that’s when your brand has generated consistent trust. When your audience connects, interacts, and gets to know each other, they become loyal to the community you are creating.

Automate your community brand value

Your community community can benefit with a one-time setup. Automate your community brand building with IntroSend. You do not have to spend your precious resources in managing and interacting with a cold community. Allow your members to share their connection stories and your audience will crave building those connections.

Consistent and open communication

Facilitate discussion of your message with community members. When IntroSend members interact with each other, your community topics and content is open for discussion. With one-to-one networking, you open opportunities for open the stage for transparent communication. It encourages your audience to talk deeply and get to know each other personally.

Nurture greater trust with each other

Trust is the most essential building block of your community or an audience. Your community deserves trust that your audience feels a part of. Your audience deserves to feel belonged. Allow IntroSend to help you create a trustworthy community!

IntroSend lets you build an impactful community with minimal effort. Automate professional networking, create heart-to-heart connections, and grow weekly engagement without you having to be in the conversation. That’s powerful.