How to meet other community members with IntroSend

May 07, 2022
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As humans, we belong to communities. Technology and online internet has allowed us to bring people together of similar interests. There are online communities with community members for about any interest and hobby imaginable, and they’re only getting more popular.

In a world where people are increasingly interacting online, it’s no surprise that online communities are on the rise. These communities allow people to connect with others around shared interests, passions, and causes, forming tight-knit groups that can help individuals achieve great things. For example, you could find marketing communities and share connections with members from your industry.

Why would you join an online Community?

Regardless of the channel and type, online communities share common characteristics. They offer a space for community members to share ideas and information, build relationships, collaborate on projects, and most importantly help each other. This creates a sense of belonging for members, who often feel a strong bond with other members of the community.

Research from Global Web Index shows that participation in communities has been increasing each year, going from 72% of internet users in 2017 to 76% in 2019.

You meet community members that are exactly like you

Members of a community are nearly at the exact same stage of life as you. You are most likely to meet fellow members having the same questions and seeking the same answers. This help you have greater fun.

meet community members that are exactly like you

Community members are moving towards a common goal

Members of a community are usually united with a common purpose. This helps you stay accountable, learn more about your interest, and reach your goals faster.

Community engagement is the most important aspect of an online community

A healthy community is helping you get engaged and meet with fellow community members. You need to be a part of an online community that has engaged members. That’s why community engagement is so important. It helps keep members involved and active in the community, and it encourages you to contribute and participate.

Internet users are moving from sharing as a method of broadcasting themselves, into a way of sharing that has community at its heart – and users engaging with online communities has grown significantly over the past few years. ~ Chris Beer

Community engagement can take many different forms. There are many ways for you to get involved and engaged in a community. But the most important thing is that the community provides opportunities for members to get involved and contribute.

But, helping members feel engaged is a challenge for communities

It is hard to find and join the right community. It is even harder to derive value from your desired community. Most people struggle to find the right community and then struggle to get the most out of it when they find it. A good community will provide a good engagement.

Community engagement has become about joining a group

Members find it is too distracting for a community on a group. Members complain they either won’t find the right answers, read irrelevant content and engagement won’t stick around.

Here is what a community member has said: “I would love if everything was all in one place, I moved off FB as there was too much noise.”

Lots of many to many conversations is not community engagement

A group chat with multiple channels and diverse conversations is messy. It’s hard to keep up and it is difficult to get value. A lot of engagement happens with only an introduction an the conversation dies down. End result is you do not get he right help and the right support.

Shouting in public is not helping community members feel heard

It’s even more difficult for introverts to ask a question and not receive any answer. It does not help when you’re looking for something with 5 parallel conversations. It feels a feed o another social media channel with no likes or comments. Meh.

Community engagement is difficult with multiple logins to problems

Finally having to use multiple apps to login for conversations is not an intrinsic habit. Yes, notifications work but they do not serve the right message with the right timing for the most part of time. Phone engagement does not seem real

It’s really important for community members to have a space where you can interact outside of social media

How IntroSend helps with Community Engagement:

It creates a 1:1 engagement. You meet someone personally every week through an email introduction. Community members still are with the same interests as you. They still want to meet with you and make friends with you. This one powerful introduction can make you lifelong friends!

connect 1:1 with community members through introsend

How IntroSend works for community members:

  1. You can join a community from the community invite link: Your community creator can share a link with you to join from. This link is shared by a community creator through any existing forms of communication.
  2. Create a profile for that particular community: Once you are invited with the link, you will enter a few questions that is relevant with a community. This will help you get to know a member in brief about them before you say “Hey!”. This helps both the members of an introduction have some context on each other.
  3. Sit back and get weekly introductions via email Your weekly match will be introduced to you via an email. It does not need any sign up/sign in to a new platform. IntroSend helps you have control on nurturing the pace of a new relationship with an introduction. You can continue the email conversation either async or plan to setup a video call. Feel free to choose when, how, and who to connect with.

“IntroSend is super easy, removes a lot of barriers to building a powerful network. It is fast and easy. Kudos to you!” ~ Sarah Guerrero, Blogger & Marketing Strategist

IntroSend is all about creating a platform for people to get closer and build personal relationships. Your community already has people of similar interests. Why not go one step deeper and make lifelong friendships with each other?