How to create community engagement with IntroSend

May 04, 2022
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IntroSend connects your community members one-to-one with each other. Every week, help your community members automatically get introduced with another member through an email introduction. IntroSend helps you increase your community engagement through personal and professional networking.

Building a stronger community generates greater rewards than building a large audience. A stronger brand network helps you strengthen your community. Right now, common ways to engage your audience include hosting a weekly live zoom session or running a Facebook or Slack group.

Become an introducer to build community engagement

When you introduce two people, who help each other, you become an angel. Imagine hundreds or thousands of your community members get introduced to each other every week!

You will create a stronger, loyal audience and community for life. The relationship between your community members becomes extremely personal.

Transform your community to an automatic engagement platform

Community-led growth is bigger and more impactful than product-led growth. Companies that create a massive community for their category and facilitate connections will win hearts, minds, and market share.

Community is a catalyst for growth. Hubspot, Salesforce, Roblox, Minecraft, are all realizing the true potential of communities in their target user group.

IntroSend help you build an impactful community

IntroSend lets you build an impactful community with minimal effort. Automate professional networking, create heart-to-heart connections, and grow weekly engagement without you having to be in the conversation. That’s powerful.

Strong conversations creates strong community engagement

Your community members feel extreme overwhelm with information overload. A community member finds it difficult to derive maximum value from an online The strength of your community lies in the strength of your interactions The strength of your business lies in the strength of your community.

When your community members start helping each other, that’s when your brand has generated consistent trust. When your audience connects, interacts, and gets to know each other, they become loyal to the community you are creating.

Starting Community Engagement with IntroSend

With a one-time setup, automate your community brand building with IntroSend. You do not have to spend your precious resources in managing and interacting with a cold community. Allow your members to share their connection stories and your audience will crave building those connections.

Did you know, IntroSend encourages strong community guidelines.

Are you a community creator and ready to get started with IntroSend?